A Disciple’s Quest

Youth Fireside  

Our youth need opportunities to feel the spirit and to experience wholesome, uplifting entertainment.

The Problems Facing Our Youth

The truths today’s youth are taught in the home, at seminary and by young men and women leaders are being challenged at every turn. Elder Michael R. Jensen of the seventy stated, “We are no match for Lucifer when we make a decision to break a commandment or enter his realm”. Parents and leaders of young men and women must take every opportunity to strengthen the testimonies of youth thus helping them avoid the teachings of the world and enter that realm.

We face a unique variety of temptations and challenges in the latter days, and many lie in wait with just a touch of a button.

~ Unknown

Satan never wastes a fiery dart on an area covered in armor.

~ Beth Moore

What to Expect

Jed believes teaching youth to recognize the feelings and promptings of the Holy Ghost is essential. He testifies to the youth that if they carefully listen to his words and music, they will feel the influence of the Holy Ghost. He counsels them, “Pay close attention to the promptings and feelings you have during this time we spend together. Make a mental note of the righteous actions the spirit encourages you to take, and then follow through on those promptings”. The fireside will provide a positive, appropriate setting for the spirit to testify that Jesus is the Christ. That only through Him and the atonement, while striving to become like Him, can true happiness and peace be achieved. Jed’s stories, experiences and music will provide the opportunity for each person to laugh, cry, be entertained and feel the spirit.

Age and Audience

The target age of the youth fireside, “A Disciples Quest,” is young men and women ages 14 to 18 (12 to 13 year old’s may be invited at youth leader’s discretion). 

Preparing for the fireside

The duration of the fireside is about 70 minutes. Young men, young women, and their leaders should consider providing a light meal or refreshments.

Book a Jed K. LeFevre Fireside

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