Jed K LeFevre

A Man Changed Through Music and The Scriptures

About Jed

Jed K. LeFevre recently passed a lifetime milestone. He had participated in the world of music for 50 years as a musician, songwriter and performer. Twenty five of the 50 years were spent “mired in the world of Rockn’ Roll music.” The next twenty three years had limited professional music exposure with only occasional family, community and church related performances.

The Savior’s atonement will overcome and compensate for all of the unfairness of mortal life. 

~ Quentin L. Cook

Taken Off the Sidelines

A family tragedy then changed Jed’s “sitting on the music sidelines” to one of active song writing. The fireside, “A Disciples Quest” was born. Jed’s music, stories and experiences are loved and appreciated by youth as well as more mature audiences. Brother LeFevre considers this program to be his most important music lifetime work.

Jed’s Purpose

Jed’s goal for the listening participant of this program is simply this: “When the final words are spoken, the concluding scripture quoted, the last song performed, and the benediction given, each participant has a greater love and adoration of Jesus Christ and thus a greater desire to follow and become like Him.”

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