A Disciple’s Quest

A Missionary Opportunity & Ministry

“A Disciples Quest” is really a missionary ministry.

A Spiritual Environment

Typically, it takes time to create a missionary or activation opportunity. However, the design of “A Disciples Quest” allows Jed to quickly develop an atmosphere of trust. His sincerity and depth of conviction become evident rapidly.

The missionary opportunity you want is already being prepared in the heart of someone who longs for what you have.

~ Jeffery R. Holland

Imagine a song that Jesus Christ would compose. It would include all music genres, all instruments, perfect harmonies and lyrics and would obviously be about me! (Oh, and you!)

~ Jed K. LeFevre

What to Expect

Jed understands that his job is to study, pray, organize and present God’s word. He does not try to usurp the role of the Holy Ghost. Ultimately the spirit is the teacher. He is the converter. He will carry the word of the truth into the hearts and minds of fireside participants. The spirit will testify that Jesus is the Christ and that the atonement is real. Often a spark of desire is kindled that opens a door for further invitations of activity or missionary opportunities.  Jed considers “A Disciples Quest” a personal missionary ministry. The subject of change, progression and striving to become like Jesus Christ is the very essence of the fireside. Jed encourages fireside attendees to make “A Disciples Quest”, part of their personal missionary ministry.


Age and Audience

This fireside is appropriate for all ages. It is designed to engage and uplift active and less-active members, as well as non-members and investigators.

Preparing for the Fireside

Jed encourages those who host the fireside to make extra effort ahead of time to invite non-members and less active members to the fireside.

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